Is Chapels of Eden Funeral Home expensive?

Based on the General Price List that each funeral home is required to display, Chapels of Eden’s service charges are among the most affordable.

Is Chapels of Eden Funeral Home family owned and operated?

Yes! The funeral director, Robert H. Brown, is a lifelong resident of So. Munn Avenue in East Orange.

Does Chapels of Eden Funeral Home accept insurance policies?

Yes, with the exception of annuities, pension plans, and union plans. Certain items cannot be paid from the insurance policy (i.e. cemetery, clergy, tolls, etc.)

Is the cost of cremation much lower than burial?

Cremation is much less expensive than an earth burial. But it also depends on the type of services that your family selects. Direct cremation is the least expensive of all. Speak to our funeral directors to discuss the options.

Is making "Pre-Need" arrangements advisable even if a loved one is not ill?

Pre-arranged funerals provide sole comfort that one’s funeral wishes will be carried out. It saves the bereaved family a lot of guesswork as to what the deceased may have wanted. Peolple of all ages have established pre-arranged funerals with Chapels of Eden Funeral Home. See the “Pre-Need Arrangements: The Right Move” section of this website.

Are the "Pre-Need" arrangement prices locked in?

As we have no control over the rising costs of cemeteries, vendors, etc. we are only able to guarantee the cost of the casket as quoted on the day of the pre-arrangement.

Once the death has occured, can I set up a payment plan?

Fortunately, prepayments are accepted. Unfortunately, once a death occurs all payments must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the funeral service taking place.

Our Team

The staff of Chapels of Eden Funeral Home brings many years of experience to you in creating memorials that satisfy your requirements. We will walk you through the entire process, from inception to production of a memorial experience that provides total love in expression and eternal impressions.

Funeral Director
– Robert Brown

Robert Brown a lifelong pillar of the community, that has been serving East Orange and the surrounding community for nearly 40 years. Not only has he given uncountless dollars, he has also given a lifetime of service.


Director of Clergy
– Rev. Dr. Mark Carter Price

Dr. Price Has A long standing relationship with the community thats spans over 30 years. He has also been an advocate to stop teen violence.

Funding Director
– A. Hakim Sparkman

A. Hakim Sparkman has been a practicing financial services professional for nearly 15 years.